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Frequently Asked Questions

At NOM we love helping women embrace their pregnancy while staying in touch with their inner fashionista!  We gathered some of our most fashion forward mama’s and put together some tips, guidelines and answered questions you may be having in this time.

The answer is yes and no.  You do not have to break the bank and BUY everything maternity.  The key is to integrate great pieces into your current wardrobe.  For instance, the During & After Snap Tank Dress is killer paired back with your own denim jacket!  A great maternity wardrobe is all about buying great pieces and layering back with your own current pieces.

A helpful tip:  Tight Clothes with lots of stretch do not always bounce back once they have been stretched out with a 9 month belly!  You want to make sure your maternity tops are designed to fit not only during (all the way up to the 9 month marker) but will look as good as new once you have delivered your little one.

There are a few key pieces that every woman should have during her pregnancy and afterwards.   The NOM MOM's suggestion is to have the following pieces:

  • Leggings you can live in!! During this time, you will want to be comfortable and finding that perfect pair of maternity leggings is a MUST!!
  • Long Layering Tanks!  You will want a couple of these in a variety of colors.  A long layering tank is a great piece that can stand on their own or paired back with a cardigan, maternity hoodie etc. making you fab in no time.
  • Maternity dresses [link] that last! A form fitting (body conscious) maternity dress with ruching on the side is the perfect way to show off that bump.  It will hug in all the right places and the ruching helps hide all those unwanted places.
  • The Throw It On! When in doubt remember a Maternity Maxi Dresses! In life, you will always need that perfect dress that you can just throw on at a moments notice.   When looking for chic maternity maxi dress you want to find one that is versatile and can go from day to night, desk to dinner, or day care to a night out!  Make sure to remember that the main thing here is COMFORT!  Since this will be your go to piece… you will want to be comfy!
  • The Perfect Maternity Skirt. Nothing beats the perfect maternity skirt, not even when you are pregnant.  The Rachel Maxi Skirt offers a fold over waistband to wear under the belly or pull up over if you needs more support.  Trust us, you will never want to take it off!

Love to show your bump off?  Try a form fitting maternity dress that will accentuate your growing bundle of joy.  Want to make sure your bum is covered? Try a longer tank that will cover your derriere. Remember there is something out there for every body type.  We want you to know that fashion must not and will never be sacrificed for a pregnant mommy!  Stick with what you know and what you feel good in and let your inner goddess shine!

Three words girls: EMBRACE THAT BUMP!  There will never be another time in our lives where a protruding stomach is something to be proud of.  This is not only an important 9 months for your baby, but also yours!  Pregnant women get noticed and why not get noticed while you look great in form fitting maternity dress.

Stripes are also a major factor is showing off that bump!   Horizontal Stripes help to accentuate the bump showing your growing belly.  Make sure that the stripes you are choosing are classic yet updated.

Stage 1:  In the early stages of being pregnant most nervous moms to be are not shouting from rooftops to show off their pregnancy, instead they are finding ways to conceal that ever growing bump.  The key is to start wearing looser flowing maternity tops [link] and paired with maternity leggings!  When you start growing out of your pants your maternity leggings will stretch with you and no one will be the wiser.

A helpful tip: Take the old hair tie of yours and wrap it in and out of your button hole and tie it around your button.  Helps extend the not getting new pants just a tad bit longer.

Stage 2: You have hit that 12 week marker...Now is the time to start shouting…shout it and SHOW IT! I AM PREGNANT!  This is when you can start embracing those form fitting maternity dresses. If you feel in your work place a body con dress might be too much pair it with a chunky cardigan or a cape.   That way you can still show off your bump just in a demurer way.

Stage 3:  After your baby is here and you have had some one on one time with your little ray of sunshine you may heading back into the work world.  Whether you are in an office, a cube or neither you still are faced with the nursing/pumping world.  Luckily you can still look amazing and then nurse/pump discreetly without having to strip down and take off your top .

A helpful tip:  Stages 2 & 3 can be combined into one step when you buy during & after items for your wardrobe.  Make sure to look for items that are both during & after.

As much as we would love to tell you that your body is like rubber band and snaps right back to the same shape once you deliver, reality is life is just not that fair (for most people).  So you will be wearing your maternity tops and pants for a while afterwards.   At NOM that is why we design most of our clothes to be During & After.   Meaning that not only did that Snap Tee look great on you while you where pregnant but it will fit just as great not pregnant and perfect access to nurse your bundle of joy.  A good piece of maternity clothing will last you months after your pregnancy.  Our clothes are made to make you feel good about how you look even after pregnancy.

No need to change sizes.  That is what we do for you! So order your pre-pregnancy size. (Side note: All women are different though and may or may not gain weight during their pregnancy so some women may not be their pre pregnancy size throughout their whole pregnancy.)




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