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About Us

Hello, Nice To Meet You!

Thank you for shopping NOM maternity. The most important thing for NOM is that you feel good in your skin. There’s so much change with a new pregnancy. All of a sudden, so many styles that you weren’t used to wearing become comfortable… we say, 'Embrace it!'


A Little About Us

In her previous life, our designer Anna Capretto, cut her teeth working in the New York fashion industry. Having been raised by a veteran of the maternity apparel community (her mother opened Village Maternity in 1983, a Seattle boutique for mom and baby, which Anna took over in 2012), Anna knows the importance of a quality garment... especially when you're expecting!

"I grew up in the maternity business, but wanted to reinvent it. I saw an opportunity to design clothing that felt relevant to the millennial mom: hip, comfortable, effortless... but still had a functional component that allows pieces to be worn through nursing and well beyond."

In its 20 year history, NOM has been known for stylish maternity clothing. We're continuing the legacy with a commitment to luxe fabrics, feminine details and flattering silhouettes, quality construction and versatile designs. We design a full assortment of maternity essentials, and easy fashion pieces, to get you through pregnancy, nursing and beyond. By extending the life of our maternity wardrobe through nursing (and after), you make a more sustainable choice. 

Anna + Edie

Village Maternity stocks hundreds of brands, from cult and international houses to little-known labels. With a focus on local, environmentally and socially conscious brands for moms, moms to be, and babies up to 2 years old. They curate collections that tell a story, and are committed to making goods with the utmost respect for human beings and the environment. 

“We like being selective, without being elitest. Well-being, functionality, and goodness are the very essence of our DNA.” - Anna Capretto, NOM and Village Maternity Owner


Signature NOM Design Details

Being pregnant is such a fun time to play with your style! It’s such a unique time in your life, and an opportunity to press the reset button on your style. Let your wardrobe go through this life change with you. Try things you would never have tried before. If you’ve never been a body-con dress woman, don’t rule it out. Having boobs for the first time… so fun! Show those girls off.

Feminine details. "I love a print, a ruffle, a dress – details that feel cool, but also have that touch of specialness." -Anna Capretto, Owner + Designer

Added length. We know leggings can be a mamas best friend, that’s why we design our tops with added length so they pair perfectly with your everyday leggings or denim.

Nursing access. We add variety of design details that allow nursing accessibility:

  • Pull down: Check out this season's Augusta dress for a flattering wrap front detail that's easy to nurse in.
  • Snap front with under layer: Like the Amelie top!
"These are some of my favorite maternity tops. They are insanely soft and comfortable. Extremely functional for feeding, but cute enough that no one knows they are for nursing.” -Jess, Happy Mama
  • Zip access: Invisible zippers are built into bodice paneling for a flattering look that's also practical for nursing. Our plaid Frances dress is not only nursing friendly, but has super stretch for a stylish option through pregnancy too.

Bust to bump differentiation. There are times when we all just want to wear a sack (we’ve got cute ones of those too: Mariana), but your boobs are the best they’ve ever looked. From form fitting to flowing, we design most styles with some kind of seaming or wait band to avoid the pregnancy tent. We’ve left that moo moo look in the 50s where it belongs.

Fabric that has stretch and recovery. "I want these clothes to last not just through nursing, but also through your subsequent pregnancies." -Anna Capretto, Owner + Designer

Fabric and fit

Here at NOM, we take fabrics seriously. That's why we source our own high quality fabrics that grow with your changing body, and are designed to hold up much longer than 9 months. With years of experience dressing and designing for moms, we are meticulous in fashioning silhouettes that flatter your shape and offer discreet nursing access once baby has arrived. If we wouldn't wear it while not pregnant, we don't add it to the collection. Our designs are meant to help maintain a stylish life without having to put too much thought into what you put on everyday.