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Frequently Asked Questions - Find Your Maternity Size

Our most asked questions at NOM Maternity, answered to help you invest in the best maternity and nursing wardrobe possible. From finding the right maternity size to how long you can expect to wear your pregnancy clothes postpartum.

Do I really have to buy maternity clothes?
We believe in quality over quantity. Many of your existing wardrobe staples will fit right into your pregnancy wardrobe through the duration. However, maternity clothing is designed to feel good and grow with you through every stage of your pregnancy (and after!).

At NOM we believe clothing should last longer than 9 months, which is why we invest in luxe fabrics with both stretch and recovery, and use design hacks that not only complement your changing silhouette, but are also built with nursing functionality. You can confidently and comfortably wear our pieces long after baby arrives.

For example, our Soho Denim has a curved lower waist band that hugs and supports under your belly. The added stretch support keeps your denim fitting you throughout your pregnancy, and also looks and feels great after you deliver.

What size maternity clothes should I buy?
Ugh, we know what a challenge it is to find the right size (pregnant or not!). The general rule of thumb is to order the same size maternity that you wore pre-pregnancy. Use the handy chart below to help you determine the best fit.

Still not sure which maternity size to buy? Shoot us an email at for more help.

What is my pregnancy size?
Our clothes are designed to fit you based on your pre-pregnancy size. When in doubt, refer to our handy size chart: 

Always consult our fit notes for each style, but generally you can order the same size you've always worn.

When should I start buying maternity clothes, and should I buy different pieces for each trimester?
When you start wearing maternity clothes is entirely up to your comfort level. When the rubber band through the pant button doesn't work anymore or if you're just feeling uncomfortable, look at replacing your most loved items with something that will grow with you.

Starting as early as 12 to 14 weeks you may start to show. Every piece we design at NOM can be worn in every trimester, we’re talkin’ first through fourth, and even through subsequent pregnancies! Depending on how many kids you’ve had, when you ‘pop’ will be different.

Those early days of growing out of your clothes - but when you're still not ready to tell the world - we recommend starting with some flowier tops that won’t have your bump mistaken as too many late night Oreos. Check out our favorite maternity dresses of the season. We always love our #1 best seller, the Francesca Maternity Nursing Jumpsuit for feminine details and a flattering silhouette from the get go.

Francesca maternity nursing jumpsuit
Francesca maternity nursing jumpsuit on at 28 weeks

Once you’re in full swing, anything goes. This is your time to play with silhouettes you’ve never worn before. Try out form fitting styles perfect for showing off your bump or treat yourself to cozy knits with nursing friendly features. 

Try adding a couple of the pieces we love! Our Seamless Tank works seamlessly (pun intended) under any outfit. Pair with our Seamless Leggings, made of 100% recycled polyester. Make the most of your maternity wardrobe through the fourth trimester. We've gathered all of our nursing friendly styles for breast feeding in one place. Looking for intimates and nursing bras? The NOM intimates collection is in progress! In the meantime, visit our sister store Village Maternity for the largest selection of maternity and nursing bras in the Northwest.

‘One thing I saw over and over again was new moms not understanding the need for clothing you could nurse in. They would invest in maternity clothes, have the baby, and then realize they needed to buy a whole new wardrobe to get through the next year of nursing. I wanted to simplify that process and create clothing that would grow with your growing body, but also offer nursing access to be worn after baby arrived.’
Anna Capretto, Owner & Creative Director

Should I buy under or over belly pants?
This is a point of personal preference. Our over the belly styles (like the BFF maternity jeans) are made with a cooling and moisture wicking stretch panel. Ladies that are used to wearing high waisted jeans will probably appreciate the support.

NOM Maternity BFF denim maternity jeans

BFF over the belly maternity jean

Our under the belly styles have elastic inserts or a supportive band that allow you to grow out and over your pants. Under the belly styles will look and feel more like regular clothes postpartum.

How long will I be wearing my maternity clothing after pregnancy?
As much as we would love to tell you that your body is like rubber band and snaps right back to the same shape once you deliver, the reality of is life just not that fair (for most people). Another great reason why we've designed our maternity tops and bottoms to be worn before, during + after! Feel comforted in the fact that the quality NOM garments you wore through your pregnancy are designed to fit and flatter after baby bump also.

Why do I need different clothing for nursing?
Depending on how long you choose to breast feed, most of your clothes won’t be practical to nurse in. We design functional and stylish pieces that can be part of your everyday wardrobe. Our most popular options are nursing dresses with wrap fronts or button downs that allow easy, discreet and stylish feeding access.

Our entire Lounge Collection was specifically designed to offer comfort and support during sleep for pregnant and nursing mamas. Made in super soft bamboo with built in layers to hold nursing pads, the Rhys tee and Clementine nursing nightie make feeding so easy you can do it in your sleep. 😉

Clementine nursing nightie
Clementine Nursing Nightgown on mama @erin.tinsley 13 weeks postpartum

Once Baby has arrived, don’t forget the average mama is nursing for much longer than she’s pregnant! You’ve got enough hurdles to cross, so we’ve designed discreet nursing access into some of our most stylish nursing tops. Check out the Jojo Hoodie in our luxe Cloud Knit fabric. The flattering Amelie top has a henley-style snap front with a hidden nursing layer underneath.

How do I care for my NOM?
Wash with care. Please refer to the tag or exact product page for washing instructions.

If you would like further guidance, styling tips, or have any questions on sizing, care or even tips and advice to share, give us a shout at 

Can I request a price adjustment if I purchased an item a few days ago and it is now on sale?
We understand that life happens. Price adjustments can be considered on a case-by-case basis if the request is made within 7 days of the sale. Just a heads up, though – sales are usually considered final. This policy is all about keeping things fair and clear for everyone.