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We aim to make the transition to motherhood a little easier with chic and effortless styles that can be worn during, nursing and after baby. 

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Designed to last.

At NOM, we believe the clothing you buy while pregnant can be worn for longer than a few months. We want you to wear our pieces for pregnancy, for nursing, through multiple pregnancies, and well after. That’s why we source high quality materials and factories. We focus on fits and details that make our clothes functional and versatile for life with a bump or babes.  

Clementine nursing nightie


Becoming a mom is life changing - scary, exciting, exhausting and magical all at the same time.  It is the best and hardest part of life. We aim to make the journey of pregnancy to motherhood simpler and more stylish. In accordance with our mission to help mothers, NOM partners with organizations that advocate for women and children.


Anna + Edie

Anna Capretto with daughter, Edie - 38 weeks pregnant with baby #2


"As a mama, I want to design clothing that feels relevant to the modern Mama - hip, comfortable and effortless with a functional component that allows for nursing and post baby wearing. I hope these pieces make your transition to motherhood a little easier.You got this, Mama."


 -Anna Capretto 
NOM owner + designer